November 30th, 1918

 "Just a few lines to let you know how I am getting on. I have just returned from school, you will see a group with my dial on the other side 4th from the left. I am having a pretty easy time over here."

October 14th, 1918

"The Germans are on their last legs but I hope our side doesn't give into his terms too easily as a good doing won't do him any harm now that they have him just about done."

September 10th, 1918

 "I believe the old Hun has been getting a pretty lively time of it lately. A pity they couldn't finish him right out. I will be back just in time to catch the winter. It won't be so bad if it's like the last one although even then it wasn't quite paradise."

August 26th, 1918

"I am just about sick of the camp over here so I shan't be sorry to get back to France. I will be getting 4 days leave to London on Friday which will be very acceptable."

July 27th, 1918

 "Just a line to let you see I am not dead yet, In fact I don't think it will be long before I am in France. I would sooner be back there than malingering about camp here. Time goes very slowly here."

July 19th, 1918

 "Just a line to let you know I am out of hospital & am back in camp. I had 14 days leave. I went to Brighton. By the other side you will notice my dial. It's a very poor photo. One of the chaps took it. It doesn't show the mark over the left eye. "

May 24th, 1918

 "I now beg to advise you that Pte. F. L. O'Meara has been reported admitted on 6th May, 1918 to the Southwark Military Hospital, England, suffering from gunshot wound right arm and left eye - severe."