November 1915

Dear Mum,

We've been over 3 weeks on the water now and I will be in Egypt in another few days. It's been a very calm trip up to date, just like the bay at Melbourne, all but a couple of nights ago when it was a bit rough but it calmed down next day. I am just about full of the boat now. It hasn't been so bad since we crossed the equator, we've had shorts etc. I am in the tug of war & we've got to pull the Western Australians on Monday for the championships of the boat. We've beat everything up to date & think we'll beat the W.A.'s. I am 2nd smallest in our team so they are no chicks. You can see thousands of flying fish flying everywhere, they are up to a foot long and can fly for 3 hundred yards. We've only seen land once since we left CENSORED & I don't suppose we see it again till we get to Egypt . The heat hasn't been to bad up to the present, pretty hot there's been a breeze pretty nearly every day. there's no spare room on board. 90 men in a space of about 40 FT. by 30 FT. & you are touching somebody on every side. I don't care much for their hammocks, they are only a bit of canvas slung on to 2 hooks. I would far sooner have the boards but a person will be able to hook himself up by the seat of his trousers & go to sleep if he gets much more of this. I can't write too much as you only have the sea to see every day & that's pretty rotten. I suppose Pat will be gone long before this reaches you, let me know his address. We haven't heard any news of the war etc. since we left W.A. but I suppose it is going on as well as ever. You might see some photos of life on this boat as there is a Weekly Times man in our coy. & he is going to send some photos to the Weekly Times. Hoping everybody is well,

I am your aff son.