December 8th, 1915

Dear Mum,

Just a line about this place. I was out to the zoo Saturday and the pyramids on Sunday. The zoo is very fair, one of the best in the world they say. Their are paths there miles long made of little oval pebbles of different colours, they are all stood on edge and cemented in and all fancy work done with the different coloured stones, it must have taken an awful long time to make it. The pyramids are well worth seeing, also the Sphinx, the Sphinx tomb & coffin & temple. The biggest pyramid is 450 feet high. I went to the top it's a great climb, I don't care about tackling it again. They are made of huge blocks of stone, nobody knows how they got them up to the top, especially as there isn't any of this stone within 15 miles of the pyramids. It is only soft stone and its the climate that preserves it. There are fine pillars and vaults inside the pyramids and the Sphinx temple made of hard granite & marble, some of these are about 30 feet high & about 4 feet through, all one piece and chiseled up like glass, they are just the same as when they were made. The Sphinx is a grand bit of work, only half the nose was shot away by Napoleon when he bombarded these parts. There is an old buried city at the pyramids. A Yankee syndicate is digging it up, you can see a lot of the old buildings now. There is a buried town on our parade ground. When we were trench digging yesterday, we dug into an old grave about 20 feet deep built of stone. There was a lot of vaults at the bottom full of skeletons, some of the men got a lot beads and trinkets off them. We are all day in sand and dust here, its pretty hard work, I don't care how soon they send us to the front but I don't think we will be going before the spring. I suppose Pat is on his way here now. Has Snowy & Don gone to camp yet. Have you been getting my pay since I left, 3 shillings per day & did you get the pass-book I sent from Fremantle. We only get 2 shillings per day and we get it when we get back. Things are just as dear here as Melbourne, in fact any useful thing is dearer. Silks and things like that are cheap and also fruit. Did you get the packet I sent to you alright. They are miserable papers here, just like the Traralgon rag you never see any casualties here so I don't know who's killed or hit. You might send some spare papers along. I am putting in a photo of out tug of war team also the section I am in. I suppose its summer there now, its winter here but its grand weather. We get a lot better tucker here than at Broadmeadows or Seymour. Breakfast - curry, bread & butter (made out of goats milk) & jam. Dinner - Stew or roast beef & vegetables, tinned fruit, bread & jam or treacle. Tea - tinned fish, bread & butter & jam. At Seymour we only got stew & dry bread for dinner & breakfast & bread & jam for tea. Hoping everybody is well

I remain your aff son,