December 16th, 1915

Dear Mum,

Just a few lines. I got your 1st letter yesterday. Not surprised to hear that Herb was waiting for Don & Don was waiting for somebody else. If Pat left on the 23rd Nov he ought to be here in a day or two. Has there been many more letters in the local rag about the experiences of George Pevitt at the front. I heard today he is in camp here and had never been to the front or near it. They say he is in the permanent engineers here which stops here and never goes to the front. I only got this second hand so it mightn't be true but a chap out of the company he's in told Bob Pepper that none of this company has been away from Egypt. I'll try and find out for certain before I write the next letter. This is not the fine cheap country some people would like you believe. Most things cost just about twice as much as Melbourne bar a few useless things. Travelling is cheap, you can get a return trip from Zeitoun to Cairo, 7 miles for 1 piastre (two pence halfpenny) and go out to the Pyramids 8 miles for 1 piastre (97 1/2 piastres to the piastre 97 1/2 pound). I haven't got much news to tell you this week as I was on guard Saturday & Sunday so I didn't see anything. We are having great weather here, fairly warm in the day & a bit chilly at night. It must be pretty cold at the front now, there are a good few going into the hospitals there suffering from frost bite. You get next to no news here, the papers are rotten. Hoping everybody is well.

I am your aff son,