January 4th, 1916

Dear Jane

This is a card that was given to everyone in our Coy on Xmas day by ore C.O. as we were out at sea and they couldn't get Xmas cards, they printed this. It has the signature of each of our leiuts. At the bottom. Mr. Manly, Mr. Freeman & Mr. Connor. Mr. Freeman is the Geelong Footballer & use to be Franks C.O. He came up to Frank & shook hands with him the other morning. We had fairly heavy rain here last night. It came through the knot holes in the pine boardr oof & wet all out blankets. It has been very cold here of a night since we have been here. I would have written sooner but I've been knocking around with the boys whenever i've had any time to spare. I believe the mail closes this evening so this will go straight away. Address my letters just to Egypt & that will find me. You need not mention any particular camp. I don't exactly know the name of this one but they say it is an aerodrome. Well I haven't much time so will bring this to a close.

Your affect Brother.