January 19th, 1916

Dear Mum,

Just a few lines to let you know I am keeping alright. We shifted to this camp which is situated about a mile & a half from where we were last Sat week. I have been waiting for a letter from you but have not received any yet. I think our mail has gone astray somewhere or other. I got a letter from Kitty O'Meara yesterday giving me Maurice's address. I saw a letter Frank got from home about Fritz's sale etc. I was out at the Pyramids on Sunday & saw several tombs etc but did not go to the top as I did not feel inclined for a climb & Frank said he was damned if he was going up again. We also visited a very old church not far from here. The old tree is in the grounds where Christ once rested & the old church is as good as the day it was built. The Pyramids are a good way from here. 5 miles in a train & a very long tram ride. I registered some souvenirs & posted them a few days ago so I suppose you will receive them all right. They are not much but they are something & things are not as cheap here as we were made to believe, in fact, in most things they are a damned site dearer than Australia. I applied for a transfer to Frank's coy last week & just got in tonight & have shifted my belongings there accordingly; so I will have a new address from now on. I saw Scotty Green a while back in Heliopolis. He was just finishing a pint when I ran across him. He said Les was to leave that morning with his Coy for active service. I saw Dave Cook on Sunday. Camped quite close to me & that's the first time I saw him. He was in the hospital & missed his coy when they went away. We were told yesterday that recruiting had seen stopped in Aus. altogether but I can hardly believe it. The papers here much resemble a country rag, therefore we don't see much outside news & very little of anything. I want you to number your letters when you write & then I'll know whether I get them all or otherwise. We have been out all day today on a route march over the desert so I don't feel inclined to write very much. The cold nights here gave me a cold when I first came here & it is just wearing off again now; otherwise I'm feeling A.1. Well this is about all the news I can think of at present so will bring this scribble to a close.

Your affect son,


P.S. Talk about the work old Joe's horses can do. They are not a patch on the little donkeys here. They will carry as much on their back as one of our horses will pull & that's dinkum.