January 26th, 1916

Dear Mum,

I suppose you think it's about time I wrote another letter. The fact is I really forget whether I've only written one or two letters since I arrived here. I received yours & Jane's 2nd letter the other day also one paper but that is all that I've received so far. I ought to have a good few letters here now all told but the damned mail has gone astray somewhere & we'll be lucky if we get them at all. I was transferred into the 6/22 last week so my address will be altered henceforth. One of my old pals is to collect any mail sent to my old coy. for me. Frank & I are both together now so it won't be necessary to send the two lots of papers & we read each other's letters from home so we get the news pretty well between us. Jane tells me Herb & Don were to sail on the 1st of Jan. If so they ought to be about here by now. I belive there is a lot coming in here tonight; perhaps they will be with them. If Snowy sticks to the Infantry he will surprise me. We have been out shooting this last couple of days. Frank was the top scorer the first day, two possibles at grouping & dropped one on the figure target. I got one possible & beat him yesterday. We have one more day to shoot yet. They say it never rains in Egypt but we've had rain every week since I came here. Not all day rain but good heavy showers all the same. It comes through the roofs of the huts & wets all the clothes. We had a heavy rain the other night & Frank got his blankets soaked from top to bottom. I was through the Cairo Zoo on Sunday but did not have time to see everything. It is well worth looking through. I intend going through the Museum next Sun. if all goes well. That is if I have any piastres left. I never got my last pay through getting transferred & I'm just about done to the bone. Frank says we will be able to have sharp razors now, anyhow, as we will be able to use our money belts for that purpose. Well I think this is about all I can think of at present so will bring this scribble to a close.

Your affect son,


P.S. I am enclosing a small snapshot of some of our boys.