May 6th, 1916

Dear Mum,

We have just come in from 2 weeks spell in the trenches out in the desert. We were doing outpost at night & digging trenches in the day. I did 6 days with practically no sleep & was bad with diarrhoea, besides I did not parade sick but I was fairly crook all the same & was glad to get a good sleep & my clothes off last night. I attempted to write a letter before we went out but didn't finish it. I think I have it yet so will put it in with this as it's no good writing it over again. Of course we are still well out in the desert & have to depend on camels for our tucker. I thought we would have been shifting in towards civilization again before this but no such luck. The weather is getting very hot here now & the damn flies nearly eat you, there is a devil of a lot of house flies but I haven't seen any blowflies. Frank got a letter from you last night dated March 20th, the first for about 3 months now. I haven't had any for 3 months now. You said you sent some papers but they haven't reached us & I suppose it will be the same with Easter parcel. There are some here who have parcels sent to them about every week but few reach them. A person has only to visit some of the field post offices to see how parcels get treated. I can tell you I aren't very pleased to hear that my allotment money is still not going home. I can't do much at this end to get it sent home but by hell I'd like to wring the man or thing by the neck who is responsible for it. There is so much damned officialdom about these thing altogether. I wish you would write to the paymaster at Victoria barracks explaining things & he might see to it. Frank has been on to me for weeks now to rare myself on end & write a letter but he never thinks of writing himself. He says "You write this week & I'll attend to the correspondence next week." We haven't seen Snowy or Don yet. I think they have gone a long, long way further on. I wish we would do the same. How did you do out of the sheep etc. this year. I saw in a February Age where you sold a couple of small lots of fats in Melb. Did you get burnt out & how many sheep have you got at present & what prices are they fetching etc. I have seen a few Age's & Argus lately. Mr Hughes is making a big hit in London. Les Green was transferred to the 13th Light Horse. It's dark now.

Your affect son,