May 28th, 1916

Dear Mum,

Just a few lines to let you know I received a letter from you the other day also a note from Jane dated 2nd March. It is the only letter I have received up to date. Also received a couple of locals when we were out in the desert addressed 6/27 & dated 14th & 17th March. Frank got a couple of letters & some papers yesterday also, all old ones. We have shifted in from the trenches a fortnight tomorrow & will very likely be shifting right out of here in a couple of days time. My old coy. is in France this last couple of months. Frank had a letter from Snowy about a week ago. He was then at Telel Thebir, the camp we left. I see by his letter he is a full blown private. He does not say anything about Don or whether he is with him. I guess Don's education will help him greatly but those jobs in Aus are mostly backsheesh as I suppose they have found out by this time. I don't doubt that J.T. will get a commission before long but I don't hold much hope for Donny. Unless he is very lucky he will be a full blown Lance private before this. Frank had a letter from T. Kelly. He is over here somewhere. It must have taken my letters & parcel a long time to get home. The parcel wasn't much but still it was something.