June 4th 1916

Dear Jane,

Just a few lines to let you know I received another letter from Mum dated March 10th. I wrote a letter to her last week so I thought I'd write this one to you. We shifted camp here two days ago. It is situated about 5 or 6 miles from where we were. This camp is a stepping stone to somewhere else. I don't think we will be here above a few days. I am glad you liked the handkerchief. I think it was about the pick. I was sorry I couldn't send something better as there was some very nice silks there. I hope you've got all the rabbits poisoned by the time I get back which I think will be another couple of years if I'm lucky. They ought to send Callow over here & let him go mad. It would soon bring him to his bearings. I read about the Traralgon Railway pilfering case in the rags. Of course we have couple of Traralgon. Railway hands in out tent, Ruff & Statham. Stoner blamed Ruff for giving him a lamp & he knows nothing about it. He blamed him because he new Ruff was over here & couldn't say anything against him. Ruff & Statham are two fine fellows. Statham was signaller at the station. I haven't seen Snowy yet. I suppose I will have to look out. I saw where you came third in the race at the picnic again. I suppose there was three in it. The weather has been warm lately but not extra hot only on odd days. We have printed letter cards issued every now and again to send home. They have about five words on them. Frank reckons they just suit him. He is sending one today. I am writing this letter because the mail closes at 6 o'clock tonight & it will most likely be the last time we will have an opportunity for a good while. Hoping you are all well as it leaves me at present. 

I am your affect brother,