June 8th, 1916

Dear Mum,

Just a few lines to let you know I received another letter from you two days ago marked 12 & addressed to 57th Batt. Frank got one from you & Spark last night dated 15th. Feb. Our mail seems to be getting here gradually. The parcels haven't come to light yet but they may come yet as they are actually about 12 weeks after a letter if they get here at all. I'm glad you have received word about my pay. I suppose it will be all right now. The Leroy turnout must have been a bit of a novelty. I've had three letters giving an account of costumes etc and between the three I presume I have them pretty correct. Tell Frazer to save his costume, I'd like to see it. I can guess the look on Bird. Orric excelled himself in the boxing contest. I think Snowy will have turned up breaking leave by this time. If he hasn't I guess he's learnt a lesson here. The lowest is 20 days on guard tent with pay stopped or 20 days pack drill, likewise if some of those Sydney lads were over will be sufficient. They would get more than there discharge, I can tell you. That was all a lot of them were looking for. They are not allowed much freedom to do those sort of things here, but a few get out of hand sometimes. Only last night they mobbed the Niggers canteens & took all their stuff & pulled their joints down etc. Pay night of course. The consequence is we can't buy anything today as their all closed. Playing silly B's again. I suppose you've read of the great sea fight. According to the way it reads our fleet seems to have got a bit of a pasting. I think it's settled our shifting for awhile. We have had to hand in or do away with all or practically all our private property such as socks, scarves etc. We have had everything in the way of clothes taken off us except what we stand in which is kharki suit & Aus. uniform 2 pairs sox & 2 shirts & underpants, & overcoat & 1 blanket & waterproof. I think Mrs. D. has a rather vague idea as to J.T.'s whereabouts. He may have been across the canal on the Sinar Peninsula (that's where we were before coming here), but our artillery has never been in action there against the enemy that we know of. About the only break they had was between 9th L.H. & about 40 Turks. A L.H. corporal was the only one on our side hit & he was shot dead. He had hard luck as he'd been right through the Gallipoli campaign without a scratch, Well I think this is about all I can think of at present so will bring this scribble to a close. Hoping you are all well as it leaves me at present.

Your affect son,


P.S Don't put the Brigade on your letters as it is forbidden just Coy and Batt.