July 13th, 1916

Dear Mum,

Just a few lines to let you know I have received two letters from you & Jane this week dated April 9th & May 8th. Also received a letter from Hector McClelland. I don't seem to get the papers at all, they must go astray. We have shifted camp about 20 miles by road since I last wrote to you. Did 15 miles the first day. We are just situated behind the trenches & well within range of the German guns. Several shells exploded close by the other night but did not do any damage. I was out scouting today & a couple burst within 100 yds of me, but they didn't do any damage either. By jove they whistle & whizz when they are coming. Frank & I are both on the Battalion Intelligence staff (sounds flash) to do sniping & scouting. I was in it before leaving Egypt but Frank only joined yesterday although we had our names taken a few months ago in Egypt. We will have a fairly tough job when we get properly into the fire trenches but anyhow there is not much picking & choosing anywhere you are. The Allies seem to be having the best end of the stick these last few weeks. I hope they continue to advance & give the other side a good slathering while they are at it. I have heard that several of the old 7/24th have been wiped out. One chap who was with me till I got transferred at Zeitoun was blown to pieces soon after getting here. C. Edwards of Wangaratta was his name, you might see it in the papers. Two of the four 6/22nd Lieutenants were also killed. Well I suppose there will be plenty more before this job is finished but anyhow I'm not hoping to catch a slug. The bridge over the creek at G'S will be finished by this I suppose. Sheep seem to be a good price. Have Ted & Will sold theirs. There must be quite a family at Grandma's. I suppose Uncle Tom has been very busy lately. I wrote to him about a week ago. Jane never told me she went to the ball as Roses. I suppose it was that sweet smiling countenance again. Have Steve & Claude changed their address at all. They may have been cut about like we were. Well this is about all I can think of at present so will bring this to a close. Hoping you are all well as it leaves Frank & I at present.

Your affect son,