July 25th, 1916

Dear Mum,

I suppose you heard I got a slight crack on the 19th. It is very harmless, only a bullet through the left forearm and very painless. I don't know where Pat is, I heard he got hit through the shoulder from a chap I know. He was alright and quite cheerful. I suppose he went to England. We had a very interesting evening on the 19th. We had to charge 450 yards to the German trenches & didn't we catch hell, machine guns and shells bursting all over the place. They mowed us down,  you could see them go down in a line. A person was very lucky to only get wounded. I seemed to dodge the bullets very well. 1 glanced off my helmet, 1 through my putty & 1 through the shoulder of my coat without touching me. They drove the Germans out of their trenches & stopped there all night but had to come back in the morning. They couldn't get enough bombs across no mans land. Fritz didn't get too sweet a time either. I think he lost as many as we did, His trenches looked just like a bushfire. Columns of dirt going up into the air about 200 Ft high. His trenches were full of dead & no mans land was covered with ours. There were only 29 of our battalion that didn't get hit out of 1000. 

Hope everybody is well,