August 2nd, 1916

Dear Mum,

I have been getting on pretty well & ought to be out of hospital in about a week, it wasn't a very bad wound, never touched the bone. I don't know where Pat is & I don't suppose he knows anything about me. I don't think the war will last another winter. The sample I saw of it our artillery seemed to send over about 4 to every 1 of Fritz's shells, some of them small earthquakes too. The Germans have got a pretty good assortment though. I don't know anything about my mate's. I saw several killed & wounded & I suppose the others got on about the same. I heard one got back, A particular friend of mine (Bruce Wilkinson, Drouin) without a scratch. He's a Liche & was the only N.C.O. or officer out of the Coy. that wasn't hit. All of our (Coy.) officers 6 of them were knocked getting over the top of our own trench. A pretty dangerous spot, they have machine guns going along the top of our trench & shrapnel bursting over it. None of our officers got killed but they were pretty badly hit lot, our old 6th 22nd officers. Lt. Grant was killed.  Lt. Hillard & Claridge wounded before we came to France. The hospital has been a bit of a holiday to me. A person gets very well treated. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,