September 12th, 1916

Dear Mum,

I suppose you think I would have been back in the trenches. But I have been doing hospital fatigues for the last couple of weeks, but I will be sent back any day now. Tell Wattie Downie an old friend of his got killed (George Allis, Morwell). He was with Wattie in the west & was in my coy. He got knocked getting through the barbed wire in front of out trenches. I forgot to mention in my last letters. I would like to see some Aus papers with the casualties in them. I've seen a lot in the English papers, but there's a lot I've never seen. I saw my own name but not Pat's I haven't heard anything about him but I suppose he is alright. I suppose spring is starting at home now. Winter is just going to start here & I can't say I am too keen on it. Hoping everybody is well. 

I remain your aff son,