October 14th, 1916

Dear Mum,

Just a line to let you know I am not dead yet. I am going back to the trenches in the morning.I have been at the base for 3 weeks. I have heard no word of Pat. I wrote to the enquiry office in England about him but I haven't got a reply yet. I hope he is alright. There are only two alive in the section I was in, 15 men  & that's Pat & I. I have been in the same tent as them ever since we went into camp. There are still nearly 300 of the battalion missing & missing means killed as they can't be brought in. However I don't suppose we will have it as bad again & don't be troubled about me as you may be sure I won't expose myself unless I have to & I am not troubled about Fritz or his shells. They are just sending out voting cards on the conscription. I think Mr Hughes will get a shock when he get's the soldier's votes as nine out of ten will vote (NO). Hughes & Loyd George ought to be put in the front trench in a bombardment for a day or two. It would cure them. It is very simple to spout to a lot of M.P's & say we can't have peace till we have beaten Germany to the standstill & have everlasting peace. Very simple when he's only got the talking to do. They can turn off the whole biz as soon as they like as far as I am concerned. The weather is getting pretty rotten here now, raining every day & getting cold. It will be lovely shortly. Are you milking many cows this spring or is it nearly all sheep. I haven't had a letter for months & I don't suppose I will see one for several more. Remember me to all & don't trouble about me. Hoping everybody is well. 

Your aff son,