November 7th, 1916

Dear Dad,

I just got the letter from home saying Pat was missing. I got a bit of a shock myself although he was marked missing in the Battalion I didn't take much notice of it as I was marked missing there too & after seeing a chap that thought he saw him wounded. But this chap's nerves were gone with shell shock so he could have easily been mistaken & I heard he has since been killed so I couldn't get any information that way. You might just as well know what missing means in that charge. None of our men had a possible chance of being taken prisoner & you can put all the missing as killed out of this Battalion. Pat was a game as could be. I am sure he wasn't afraid to die. I suppose mum will be worrying over him a lot more than he would like to be worried over, I never saw him after he went over so I don't know anything about him, so tell mum not to worry about him. As far as church affairs were concerned he will be alright as he went through the whole program about a week before so that is another reason why she shouldn't worry & anyhow to get a bullet fair & square is nothing a person will never feel it as long as he doesn't think about it. There were any amount worse off in our Coy than as there were several pairs of brothers got killed. There are only two of my platoon of 60 men back yet, most of the others were outed. Statham of Traralgon who has gone home is the only one I know of alive out of my section. I am glad he wasn't killed as there were only two of the family & one of them was killed on Gallipoli & he is one of the best. V. Ruff was also out of my tent. R. Woodhouse, J. & G. F. Brown, Blue (Cowoar), W. Wilkinson, R. Pepper Traralgon, W. B. Wilkinson, W. Tolley, G. Hosie Bairnsdale were all out of the same section & killed as far as I know. Nobody need be alarmed about me as I am A.1. & not a bit concerned. They gave me a stripe the other day & a person never knows when he will get them. We haven't had many casualties since I came back to the Coy so things are not too bad only there is about 3 feet of mud everywhere & it rains everyday. I never got any letters till the other day when I got 6 from the base. The address is wrong. My right address is D. Coy 59th Batt A.I.F. that will always find me, All the other letters were addressed to the 57th Batt and didn't find me for months. Try and cheer mum up. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,

Regards to all,