January 27th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I don't know wether they sent you word or not, I don't know wether they sent word for slight cases or not but I am in the 51st General Hospital. I have got Scabies, it is an itch which you catch with the lice or shell hole water. It is only a few pimples on the back, they are fairly itchy though a person wouldn't be sent away to hospital only it's catching. I might be here from 3 to 6 weeks, there is nothing worth worrying about. It is much better than the trenches. It is very cold over here now snow & ice everywhere. If you wash your self & hang your towel up inside in the middle of the day I guarantee an hour after it is frozen stiff, All the water in the buckets etc. is frozen hard. It's pretty pleasant on your feet & hands etc. I suppose it's pretty hot at home now. There in nothing fresh to write about so I will close. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,


P.S. If you ever see Mrs. Piper would you mind asking her if she got a letter from me. I sent one a long while ago & I don't know wether she got it.