April 11th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I got a parcel from you yesterday dated Nov 9th with A tin of biscuits, 1 cocoa & milk, 1 cheese, shaving soap, 1 potted meat. There was something in a tin and bottle but they were broken everything else was alright. Fritz had a bad time yesterday according to all accounts & I think he will just about have enough of it by the time spring & summer are over. I am still at the base. I have been here ever since I left the Thirtyfirst General on the 31st. I stand a big chance of being here another few weeks yet. Of course one never know's where he will have to go. I can read the latest papers with great satisfaction & say we are winning. Spring is supposed to have started. I will give you a sample of yesterdays weather. The sun was out for about half hour then snowed for about an hr then it hailed then it rained & sun came out for about 2 hrs & then it started over again. It's been pretty bleak this morning. It is just starting to snow now but it is a lot warmer then what it was. I think we will have pretty fair weather from now on. There's sure to be something doing. I haven't had any letters since November. I suppose I will get them all in a bundle. Do the Beaton's ever hear from Snow or Don. I've never heard of them since they came over. I saw Claude Newton over here yesterday. He looks A.1 but he has had a nasty smack on the leg just above the knee. He has had about 6 months in England out of it so he was pretty lucky. Have you had any bush fires this year. I can't imaging any bush fires over here. I can't write much about anything only the war & it's much better to say nothing on that subject as you would only be worrying & thinking it's much worse than it is. I miss Pat with the letter writing.

Your aff son,