April 20th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I will be going up to my Coy tomorrow. I got away sooner than expected. The cold isn't so bad now, although I suppose there will be a few shells. I'd much sooner have them than the cold. The war ought to be over before next winter. If a person can only last till then he will be alright & I don't see why he shouldn't. Have you heard of the two Beaton's at all lately. I haven't had any letters for 5 or 6 months. I got the parcel but no letters. I might get them when I get back. Have you had any bush fires this year. I couldn't imagine bush fires over here. Has T. Guntyler left yet & if he has what Battalion is he in. I wouldn't mind running across him. When you address my letters, address them L Cpl. F. O'Meara. D. Coy. 59th Batt. A.I.F. France. Don't put the Brigade. News is scarce. Hoping everybody is well.

Your aff son,