August 13th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I suppose you would be expecting a letter from me last mail. I was away & missed the mail. I got a couple of letters about a week ago. I was very sorry to hear Donny was missing. He might be a prisoner but the chances are very small. Herb couldn't have been hit very bad or he wouldn't be back so soon. We are still out of the line, although he can easily put shells back to where we are. He has been putting a good few into a village near us. We've been having pretty wet weather lately, rain nearly every day. It has been a nuisance, just as it was needed to be fine it must rain. They are giving Fritz a pretty lively time near where we are now, the guns are keeping up a continuous roar. It's a nice fine day today so I suppose there will be something doing. You did pretty well out of the 8 cows. Have you still got a lot of horses. They wouldn't be worth keeping at present as they are as cheap as that. Things are terribly dear over here. You could buy as much for a shilling in Melbourne as you could over here for 6 shillings, A persons pay goes pretty slippery. News is as scarce as ever. I hope everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,