September 9th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I got a letter dated April 27th about a week age & about 6 lots of papers. The local rags are as full of news as ever, only thing missing was the Traralgon South news from Those Downie (Scotty Green must have a rat or something). We are still out of the line although within reach of the big guns. There are 2 Fritzy aeroplanes overhead now. He has been paying us a good few visits lately. I think we will be much longer out of the line. The war looks as if it will last another couple of years but one never knows. Fritzy is getting a pretty lively time on this front, The Russians are beauties aren't they going the wrong way as fast as possible. We have a band with the Battalion, Bill Crowe they say is one of the best players. It's marvellous how little there is to write about as you aren't allowed to write what you like. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,