October 22nd, 1917

Dear Mr Chomley,

I suppose you think it is just about time I wrote to you as it must be a month or two now since I wrote. We have had a pretty lively time lately. I was lucky enough to miss the first stunt, but I struck the second. We didn't advance in the second but got an extra supply of shells poured on to us, lost a few good men. Our Captain got the M.C. my platoon SGT got the D.C.M. and there are several military medals in the coy also. My address is No. 2761 Cpl F. L. O'Meara D Coy. 59th Batt. We have to put our address in the middle of the letter. We had a fairly lively time last May at Bullecourt but we didn't lose too many men and we done a lot of damage. I had a nice mornings shooting. There were a few Fritz's getting back out of the shell holes. I was certain of getting one only although I must have hit a few. The chap I got was only about 30 yds off and he went down in a heap with his legs sticking up out of a shell hole. The last time I was in the line just a few days ago I had the closest shave I have ever had. I was buried for about an hour. It was a bit too close for mine. The shell burst right on top of the bit of a shelter we had made through the night, to look at it you couldn't credit that anybody could come out of it alive. I haven't heard from any of the camp. I don't know Geoffs or Kellys address. Would you mind sending it to me. Where are you working now. Winter is just starting and things look lovely I don't think, about 2ft of mud everywhere.

Remember me to Mrs Chomley and Jack.

F. O'Meara.