December 17th, 1917

Dear Mum,

I suppose you think it is just about time I wrote to you but I could not have written if I would have liked to. We were about 18 days in the line & couldn't send letters. We had a pretty lively time where it was supposed to be quiet. Fritz came over at one of our outposts. He got driven out pretty sharp but he caused a few casualties. He had a good lot more casualties than us so I don't think it pay him. I was on the next post to the one he attacked. One of my best mates got killed. We got him out but he died afterwards. A chap named Frank Morrison, he came from Moondarra. He won the Military Medal in the Polygon Wood Stunt. I've had a good few letters from you lately but they are all in my pack & it's away & I forget the dates, all the last ones were there though I had a letter from Snowy he seems to be swinging it pretty well. Delightful weather at present. Snow & sleet in abundance also some very fair frosts a few days ago, the ice was about 2 inches thick. A frost lasts about a week or month if it isn't going to last longer. But there's one thing it's better than last winter. We are out in billets at present, the billets aren't as good as the word sounds. My address is CPL F.L O'Meara, D Coy 59th Batt. Don't put the brigade. Don would be having a sweet time at present (I don't think). The parcel hasn't arrived yet. Hoping everybody is well. 

Your aff son,