April 1st, 1918

Dear Mum,

Just a line to let you know how I am getting on. We aren't in the same place as when I last wrote. We have been getting a nice bit of marching this last few days thanks to Fritz's stunt. I think they have got him well in hand now. We done 2 days up in the support line & he attacked one of the Australian Divisions in front. They drove him back very easy. It's strange that the Australians can send him back every time, & he seems to be able to go through all but the Colonials. I am not allowed to write about the BRAVERY of the English troops. We will be going in the line in a couple of days again. We were in one of the french villages for 2 days & we just got out & dug in along a canal in time. He blew our residence to blazes. I picked my pack up in ribbons. I mightn't be able to write for another two or three weeks. We have had pretty wet weather here lately. I had a letter dated 28 Jan. Did Jane get the trinket I sent from London. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,