May 6th, 1918

Dear Mum,

I suppose you are worrying yourself about me. I suppose you have already heard that I got a smack. I got hit on the 27th at about 2 in the morning. I got hit in three places. 1 over the left eye witch is a good hit the worst of the bunch, one under the left arm & one through the right arm. I think I will get back the sight of the left eye alright. It's pretty blind at present. I would have written before only they had my eyes bound up. I am just about sick of the bed. A Traralgon chap got killed with the same shell that got me, he was standing next to me. A chap named A. Howe, one of the Howes that were living close to us at the Tyers. He never spoke a word. It was at Villers Bretton Bretonneau. I've spelt it wrong but it would give you a fair idea. We had a big stunt two nights before I was hit. 24th & 25th Fritz had knocked the Tommies back as usual that day & we were sent up in the night to take it back. The whole turn out was a great success. Fritz cleared for his life. We had very few casualties in the stunt itself although we had a few afterwards. Fritz dropped machine guns & the lord knows what. We got about 900 prisoners & took a few Tommies that he had taken that day back. I suppose you have  heard of the bravery of the Tommies. It would make you cry to see how some we have came into contact with have fought. As soon as they saw Germans they cleared for their lives.

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