May 18th, 1918

Dear Mum,

I suppose you are still troubling yourself about me but I am quite alright, I will be up and out of bed in a few days. I think I can see a little with the left eye now although it's pretty hard to see more than a few feet. The cut over the eye is healing up splendid. The one in the arm has healed up. The one in the back will be a bad last I think. I had a letter from you yesterday dated Feb 8th in which Hector McClelland had been to see you. He expects to have one long holiday over here. He will have one of the greatest shocks it's possible to have. Although he is in a pretty neutral unit. They don't go any closer than about 4 miles to the line. Mr Chomley came to see me in hospital. The boat he came over on got torpedoed & he ended up on a destroyer. He had got a job on the British Australian here in London & gets 8 pounds per week. His cousin is editor. None of the Mennells is on the paper. He doesn't know where they are. Has Snowy got back to France yet, it's just about time he had I think. He's been in England quite a long time & has seen very little fighting. Did Jane get a brooch I sent her from London. There is no news to be collected out of these words. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,