July 27th, 1918

Dear Mum,

Just a line to let you see I am not dead yet, In fact I don't think it will be long before I am in France. I would sooner be back there than malingering about camp here. Time goes very slowly here. I had several letters from you yesterday, the latest was dated May 12th. You had just been notified that I had been knocked. The eye is still pretty blind although I can see a bit with it. They left the junk of shrapnel in my back as they reckon it was a nasty place to get at & in pretty deep. I can't feel it so it doesn't matter. It has been raining for about a week now. I just had my leave in time. I should get another 4 days in about 3 weeks if I stop in England. We are about 80 miles from London. We might as well be right in the bush as here for all there is to see. I am sick of the place & I've only been here about a week. I've had several letters from Snowy. He came to see me when I was in hospital. Snowy has got a little piece of bomb in his head somewhere & he will never see France again. He sent me a pound when I was in hospital, it came in very handy. I am going to send him a letter today. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son, 



2761 Sgt. F. O'Meara

D Coy. 59th Batt.