August 11th, 1918

Dear Mum,

I got two letters from you today dated June 5th & May 26th. I will be back in France in two or 3 weeks. It's not too lively malingering about the camp over here. I think I would sooner be in France. Snowy Beaton has been pretty lucky. I suppose he will be home before this letter reaches him. Will you give him 1 pound that I owe him out of my allotment. He sent it to me when I was in hospital & I don't care about posting it to him as I don't know whether he has gone home or not. The left eye isn't much use to me in fact it's a nuisance as the little bit you can see out of it throws a haze over the other eye & there is still a junk of shrapnel in my back. But I am just as good as ever I was as far as the rest is concerned. I didn't know they would put me down as severe. I had a letter from Mr Chomley the other day & one from one of the chaps that used to work in the camp. Fritz is getting more than he reckoned on this last few weeks. My Batt. will be well in it as they were on that front & had been in all the last stunts. They got through them all pretty easy. I haven't had any papers since I was hit. The rag is about the only one I want as the other chaps get any amount of Weeklys etc. Is Claude Newton still over here. I haven't heard of him since I saw him in France about 18 months ago. I can't think of anything to write about so I will close. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,