September 10th, 1918

Dear Mum,

Just a line to let you know how I am getting on. I am going to France tomorrow. I don't care much as I would just as soon be there as here. I suppose Herb is home by now. He was very lucky to get home on the little knock he got. I got a lot worse & didn't even get a decent spell out of it. Snowy only had a few weeks in France altogether & I had over 2 yrs. Claude Newton is back with the Batt. I believe the old Hun has been getting a pretty lively time of it lately. A pity they couldn't finish him right out. I will be back just in time to catch the winter. It won't be so bad if it's like the last one although even then it wasn't quite paradise. I had a couple of letters from you. The latest was the end of June. There is nothing much to write about. Hoping everybody is well.

Your aff son,