October 14th, 1918

Dear Mum,

I suppose you think it is just about time I wrote a letter. I was very sorry to hear of aunt Annie's death but I don't suppose it can't be helped. I struck a big stunt as soon as I came back to the Batt. We lost a good few men including our captain (Cpt Neil M.C.) He had charge of the coy for nearly 3 yrs & needn't have gone into the stunt as he was just waiting to go home to Australia on leave. He volunteered to go into the stunt & got killed. He was one of the best & as game as could be. We done one stunt one day & then we were pulled out into support & done another next day. We advanced about 2 miles first day & 1 1/2 miles the 2nd day & got a good haul of prisoners. We were in with the yanks & they killed nearly everything in front of them. We also settled a few. The ground was pretty well decorated with dead Fritz's. I had several of old mates killed. I don't think the war will last much longer. The Germans are on their last legs but I hope our side doesn't give into his terms too easily as a good doing won't do him any harm now that they have him just about done. I had a letter & a bundle of papers from you yesterday. I see the name of a chap (A. Howe) that was killed with the same shell that got me in the Traralgon South church notices. Bill Crowe is still in the band. We are out in billets at present & expect to be out for a couple of months or more. Things are getting dearer & dearer here. The Froggies seem to be highly elated with the war news. Hoping everybody is well.

I remain your aff son,


P.S. is Snowy home yet?